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  • Hands-On PLC Training System

    Hands-On PLC Training System

    Are your techs spending to much time trying to solve PLC related problems? You are just moments away from solving that problem! With this easy to use hands-on training system, Learners will quickly understand and effectively troubleshoot almost any brand of PLC operated machine or process! This LearnLab PLC Training System includes: Easy-to-follow Curriculum (The…

  • Cyber Security Associate Course

    Cyber Security Associate Course

    Cyber Security Training Cyber-Security training is a must within any corporate or institutional organization. This comprehensive cyber security associates course certification course will give you the knowledge and tools you need to secure a position within an IT styled organization. This course is divided into ten to fifteen minute modules allow the learner to take…

  • Allen Bradley 800 PLC Training

    Allen Bradley 800 PLC Training

    Learn about PLC’s, How they work and how to troubleshoot them… What is it? LearnLab’s Hands-On Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training system comes with the popular Allen Bradley Micro 820 PLC. This “Real World” unit and curriculum helps you train people how to understand, install, troubleshoot  and fix Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems and equipment…

  • Electrical Wiring Training

    Electrical Wiring Training

    A great way to learn! What is it? This easy Electrical Wiring Training System includes hours of hands-on activities that will help any entry level electrical student understand this high demand trade. You get the rugged training panel loaded with the most common electrical devices that the students use to actually wire up a real…

  • Allen-Bradley Flex5 VFD Training System

    Allen-Bradley Flex5 VFD Training System

    Bring your skill level to the top with this low cost, easy to follow VFD training system… A great way to learn! What is it? LearnLab’s Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 5 Series VFD Training System is designed for working on real powered electrical circuits that include a Variable Frequency Drive to control the three phase motor. Also known…