Allen-Bradley Flex5 VFD Training System

Bring your skill level to the top with this low cost, easy to follow VFD training system…

A great way to learn!

What is it?

LearnLab’s Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 5 Series VFD Training System is designed for working on real powered electrical circuits that include a Variable Frequency Drive to control the three phase motor. Also known as adjustable-frequency drives (AFD), variable-speed drives (VSD), AC drives, microdrives or inverter drives. VFD technology is often used to control the rotational speed of 3 phase electric motors in ventilation systems (HVAC) for large buildings to control the drive motors on fans. This helps manage the volume of air moved to match the demand of the system. VFD’s are also commonly used on pumps, machines, and other tool drives.

LearnLab’s popular Allen-Bradley VFD Training System features the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 5 series of Variable Frequency Motor Drive.

The Instructor will easily become familiar with the Allen-Bradley VFD training material and be able to instruct students on how to complete circuits and fix “real world” Allen-Bradley VFD bugs or failures in the circuit. Using the methods learned in this class, the students will use their meters and instruments to find and actually be able to diagnose problems.

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 5 VFD Training System Includes:

  • Industrial Panel Indication
  • Ice Cube Control Relays
  • Industrial Stop-Start Controls
  • Selector Switches
  • Three Phase Motor
  • Rheostat Control (0-10v & 5-20ma)
  • Wye wound Induction Motor

This gives you the tools to teach:

  • Basic theory and history of Variable Speed Drives
  • Internal operation and troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintenance of VFD units
  • Real world field I/O control theory and operation
  • Three Phase Inverter Duty Motor Troubleshooting
  • 0-10v & 5-20ma signal generation and input
  • VFD Programming basics and advanced programming
  • Top Ten Parameter knowledge
  • Troubleshooting the VFD and Field I/O
  • Several Real World Hands-On Labs for students to work on!
  • Up to 16 classroom hours

LearnLab’s Training Systems are a must have for hands-on learning and electrical training. Train one or two workers at one time with each trainer unit.

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3 responses to “Allen-Bradley Flex5 VFD Training System”

  1. J Tuttle Avatar
    J Tuttle

    Yes I say these work good. Gave us what we need to learn how to repair drive systems.

  2. G Martin Avatar
    G Martin

    We have a ton of drives and this training is helping us know how to troubleshoot them. We bought two classroom sets and have a real training program now. The motor controls was a hoot , it really helped us in troubleshooting. These are all about VFDs and are great!

  3. T Followell Avatar
    T Followell

    Nothing better than hands-on! I’m about have done on this class and have 5 guys. Two are rookies and the others have been here at least ten years. These guys are picking it up quick. I can see them understanding what the heck is going on. Real good training units. Highly recommend! I should get a hat or something for this LOL.