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Ever wonder where those big college training panels come from?
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ITU has been helping workers and students be better at what they do for 20 years.

ITU’s trademarked LearnLab systems offer high impact classroom training solutions to schools and companies wanting to train their students and workers to understand and troubleshoot Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Automated systems. 

Founded two decades ago by Electrical Engineer Dave Carpenter, ITU was first know as Industrial Training University, and later became Industrial Training Unlimited Corporation, and now just simply ITU.  ITU has provided training, instructional tools, and vocational job skills training  products for clients throughout the United States and globally. LearnLab’s primary focus is on people conducting job skills training in areas such as electrical safety, industrial maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. By manufacturing high quality, affordable hands-on training systems that includes Award Winning training curriculum, and setting up training programs in many household and familiar companies, colleges, and other similar institutions. You can see a partial list of our clients here.

In addition to our training systems and services, ITU offers “Soft Skills” training courses online that cover a host of vocationally essential subjects. Yes, it’s important not only to elevate the technically rated skills, but LearnLab also provides exciting, dynamic interactive online courses to build important safety, worker relationship, millennial understanding, cyber and digital awareness,  compliance and other important related courses, Plus, our Award Winning comprehensive Electrical Safety training and NFPA 70e Arc Flash Safety training to help keep workers safe!

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