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  • Hands-On PLC Training System

    Hands-On PLC Training System

    Are your techs spending to much time trying to solve PLC related problems? You are just moments away from solving that problem! With this easy to use hands-on training system, Learners will quickly understand and effectively troubleshoot almost any brand of PLC operated machine or process! This LearnLab PLC Training System includes: Easy-to-follow Curriculum (The…

  • Allen Bradley 800 PLC Training

    Allen Bradley 800 PLC Training

    Learn about PLC’s, How they work and how to troubleshoot them… What is it? LearnLab’s Hands-On Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training system comes with the popular Allen Bradley Micro 820 PLC. This “Real World” unit and curriculum helps you train people how to understand, install, troubleshoot  and fix Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems and equipment…

  • Lock-Out Tag-Out Training

    Lock-Out Tag-Out Training

    A great way to learn! Never has a LOTO training program ever been so effective! What is it? Make sure your workers “Know How” to LOTO! As a result, they will comply with OSHA & NFPA LOTO Rules! NFPA70E clearly requires that all affected workers demonstrate the ability to operate these Lock-Out procedures. The LearnLab Lockout…