Safety Lockout Tagout Training System

Lock-Out Tag-Out Training

A great way to learn!

Never has a LOTO training program ever been so effective!

What is it?

Make sure your workers “Know How” to LOTO! As a result, they will comply with OSHA & NFPA LOTO Rules!

NFPA70E clearly requires that all affected workers demonstrate the ability to operate these Lock-Out procedures. The LearnLab Lockout Tagout Training System provides the perfect platform to comply with this training requirement.

What is included?

This  “Must Have” training system comes with everything you need!

  • The hands-on Training Panel with all of the components shown
  • The Student Work Book (.pdf)
  • And Instructor’s Guidebook (.pdf)
  • A PowerPoint presentation slideshow
  • Class handouts
  • A complete LOTO device set with toolbox

Students and workers will learn to lockout:

  • Electrical Control Disconnects
  • Single Pole Single Phase Circuit Breakers
  • Double Pole Single Phase Circuit Breakers
  • Three Phase Circuit Breakers
  • Electrical Power Cords
  • Power Switches
  • Air Lines & Valves
  • Gas Lines & Valves
  • Water Valves
  • Steam Valves

Yes, this Award Winning Training System covers it all!






3 responses to “Lock-Out Tag-Out Training”

  1. D Parnell Avatar
    D Parnell

    Good, training goes fast. But we have to do it this makes it easy for me.

  2. J Farmer Avatar
    J Farmer

    OUTSTANDING! I needed a way to do the LOTO instruction for us and this worked good. Easy to use and I like the online part.

  3. C Smith Avatar
    C Smith

    I travel and teach safety. This gives me a nice “Hands-On” exercise in my sessions. Outstanding and works great!