LearnLab Vocational Job Skills Training Equipment, Simulators and Curriculum.

What You Need to Know


All LearnLab training systems are designed to be used in a classroom environment and the included training curriculum is designed to be delivered by an instructor that is basically familiar with the subject matter. 

Instructor Guidebook is included:

an instructor guidebook is included that tells the instructor or facilitator what should be mentioned or explained on each page of the corresponding page or slide in the student workbook or PowerPoint slide. Even with this helpful assistance, it is always best for the instructor to have basic knowledge of each subject being taught.

The students workbook:

The student workbook includes the information that is being delivered or displayed in the corresponding PowerPoint presentation that the instructor should be using. There are spaces provided for taking notes. The diagrams, photos, and pictures help to teach the student the much needed information. This workbooks also includes hours of Hands-On labs in-where the student will participate in the hands-on portion of the training using the LearnLab training system.

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